Denis F. Berger

An ongoing journey, driven by the enthusiasm for the law in the digital world

My journey started in a small village in Switzerland, took me to Zurich where I went to law school, did my internship, got admitted as an attorney-at-law and later landed my first job as a lawyer. Then it took me to Hong Kong for my LLM in IT and IP law before I moved to Shanghai for a couple of years. There I advised foreign companies regarding their presence and activities in China. Circling back to Switzerland, I joined the world’s largest watch manufacturer as legal counsel before deciding to start my own firm. Here we are!

I am your attorney and partner on your way, guiding you through the laws and regulations and advising you efficiently and competently on the digitization of your business.

Professional Pragmatic Progressive

Enthusiastic Encompassing Experienced

Network and collaborations

Through collaboration of specialists and clever minds, your business benefits exponentially

As a crucial part of any encompassing assessment of digital projects, vendors and systems, information security issues must be considered and addressed more often than not. For this purpose, I work with InfoSec specialists who are top in their field, have been instrumental in many news-worthy security projects and provide straight-forward advice, efficiently and ready to be put into action. 

There is a whole industry of advisors and providers who are eager to sell you old news and generic solutions. Then, there are a few gems who basically invented how you engage your customers and prospects via Social Media, how you present yourself, your ideas and values and make them stick. These are the people I choose to work with.

Collaborations with privately run or government sponsored institutions have their own inherent challenges: interests can be structured in ways less familiar to the general industry, decision making processes can seem confusing and the rights to use the collaboration results can be complicated. Therefore, having inside knowledge and connections vastly improves the chances of a successful endeavour with such players. 

Being a specialist means focusing on your core strengths, otherwise you become inefficient. That is why, I maintain a small select network of lawyers, specialists in their own fields, to complement my advice to you should their inputs be required and beneficial.