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As a boutique law firm or a small / medium general law firm, you might be confronted by your clients with challenges that require specialist know how and expertise different from yours. You might want to discuss an exciting new project that involves sensitive processes you are not 100% familiar with. Maybe your client wants an assessment of its online assets or data processes and outsourcing is the most efficient option. Perhaps you want to bounce off some ideas that up until now may have been outside your comfort zone. Get in touch.

Are you a consulting firm or a marketing / media agency? Do you develop online assets or provide digital services? Are your clients and customers asking tricky questions about data protection, consumer rights, unfair competition or use rights? Get in touch.

Thinking about enriching your class with an industry professional who has been giving lectures his whole career? Planning a new segment of your course built around digitalisation and law? Looking for a tutor to accompany your students on their projects? Get in touch.