privacy notice

This is my Privacy Notice as of 1 June 2021. Here, I give you the legally required information as to your personal data I process. I also give you a few more insights that go beyond the bare minimum; I think they are relevant to you and – as a data protection specialist – I think this is good practice.

I decide what personal data I need and want from you for the purposes as described below. Further, I also decide how I collect that data and process it afterwards. This makes me the data controller. You, as the data subject – the person whose personal data I process – need to know who I am and how you can contact me, for example to ask me questions or to exercise a right in regards to your personal data. I am Kanzlei Berger by Denis F. Berger, Neuenburgstrasse 104B, 2505 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, and you can reach me via email or telephone +41 44 586 58 86.

The purposes for which your data is being processed are in my case quite straight-forward:

  • As the person you reach out to, by submitting a contact form, for example, or when you give me a call or send me an email, mail or a message (whatever application you are using), I will for one try to answer you as soon as possible, of course. I will also store on my side whatever you send me in the application that you are choosing. This also applies to all consecutive conversations we have together, whatever the channel. 
  • As your attorney and business partner, I need your personal data to enter into a client-attorney or other business relationship, for example to conclude a contract together. I also need your personal data, among other information, in relation to the services you wish me to perform. I will also create a file about you with your contact details, work performed, documents created or received, time consumed as well as information for invoicing and accounting.

As a business I have to comply with the mandatory retention rules defined by law. This means, for example, that information, including personal data if necessary, relevant for financial reporting needs to be stored for ten years. Other data such as conversation data between you and me that do not evolve into a business relationship, I regularly archive and then delete after a year. I will also keep your data archived for as long as legal claims can be asserted against me, i.e. until the end of the legal prescription period. 

You have the right to ask me whether I process your personal data. As an answer, I have to disclose to you the personal data as such that I process, why, for how long, from which source I have obtained them (if not from you), with whom I share them and to which countries I forward them. In general, this answer is for free and you get it within 30 days. There are exceptions to this, in particular if I am bound to professional secrecy regarding certain aspects of your request.

Unless you ask me to or have agreed to it, I do not share your personal data with third parties other than my processors with which I work such as my email and data storage provider, my accounting solution provider and my electronic signature solution provider. 

I am dedicated to the security of your data that you entrust me with. With regard to the nature of the data I process and the inherent risks to you in this context, I have chosen my solution providers and set up my systems accordingly. 

I do not transfer your personal data into other countries unless you specifically ask me to and in this case have given your consent and you already know which country. 

When I built this website, I took into special consideration that its underlying technology does not collect any personal data in any manner not obvious or not transparent to the user. Therefore, there are no third-party cookies or similar technologies stored on your device by my website. In addition, this website does not track you or your behaviour in any way. Site analytics, for example, is conducted by default and design without any possibility of tracking you. That is also because I use only plug-in’s that have been vetted for maximum privacy. Further, there is no data stored on the website itself. If you write to me via contact from, for example, the message and its content are solely and securely stored in my email programme.