I take my profession very seriously, as I do my clients. This means I work transparently when it comes to commercial arrangements, fees and invoices. This also means that I do not compromise in terms of security in my own business. Lastly and most importantly, it also means that I stand by my advice I give you.


In most cases you do not require a fully fledged thesis about your question, and by default I am not giving you one. You have a business to run, whereas I have a problem to solve for you so you know in which way to continue running it. That is what I do, that is what you get.


I work wherever I am or wherever you need me. The setup of my firm is designed by default with maximum mobility, flexibility and scalability in mind. I deploy technology for this purpose and for reducing inefficiencies, which ultimately benefits the client.


I really love being a lawyer. I thrive on understanding your business, negotiating the laws and coming up with a strategy and solution. At the same time, it is my passion and talent to conduct trainings that excite people for topics that are usually considered rather dull.


Be prepared to get asked some questions you might not expect from a classic lawyer; I will ask them. To give proper advice, in my modus operandi, I need to understand where you are coming from, where you plan to go with this, what influences this way and how far you are prepared to go. 


Experienced means it takes me less time to understand your business, give you options, and solve your problem. It also means I can get into the unknown and cross-reference more quickly.

Get your legal boost

Legal Advice / Regulatory Role

Collaborations / Negotiations / Contentions

Assessment / Risk Strategy

Implementation / Training



As a default, at an hourly rate, transparently listed per item and time consumed.


For full day assessments, implementations and trainings.


When performing a regulatory role, such as acting as your data protection officer or representative in Switzerland.

Speaker Fee

For lectures and presentations I make special arrangements, depending on the institution and preparation involved.