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You are looking for an advisor, a partner rather, who understands your business needs, can navigate laws and regulations and provides you with pragmatic solutions.

Having worked as a lawyer in Switzerland and China, advised global players, SME and local entrepreneurs in all matters of data protection, online presences and engagement, intellectual property, e-commerce, consumer protection, contractual collaborations, shaped strategies, trained hundreds, implemented and negotiated: I am your specialist, your advisor, your partner.

Denis F. Berger / LL.M / Attorney-at-Law

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Navigating the laws and regulations - your business needs in sight

A major impact on business efficiency and exposure to legal risks alike, digitalisation has impacted and continues to impact how we do business in a fundamental way. Collection, management, storage, sharing, analysing and finally utilising data is the driving factor of virtually every industry. For developments, services and procurement, successful collaborations with partners are crucial and unavoidable. Internal assets are challenged and improved, new ones evaluated, sourced and implemented. At the end, everything needs to be maintained. Technology evolves faster every day, customer engagement is in hyperdrive, online tools are abundant and service providers as well. At the same time, laws and regulations are catching up, deepening their grip, while the news are full of horror stories about data leakages, cyber extortion, factories going offline and fines in the seven-figures region. The challenges are obvious. Are you prepared to face them?

Connected realities as well as modern laws and regulations require an encompassing approach rather than a fractured view. Take data protection for example: the GDPR and other privacy laws demand the data controller to address the full lifecycle of personal data processed; from first collection until destruction. In addition, the controller needs to safeguard the data during this lifecycle not only contractually and process-wise but also in its diligence as to providers and implementation of technical measures. Assessing such connected realities, requires an understanding of business processes. Advising on how to fine-tune or completely overhaul these, requires professional experience. Bringing all this together for you and your business, ready to absorb, requires a partner. 

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” as the saying goes. When it comes to legal compliance in everyday business, experience shows that it has some merits. Even the best risk based approach is doomed to fail if it is not easily absorbable for the people in your business. That is why, structured implementation and tailor-made coaching are crucial for a successful ongoing compliance. Only with clear guidelines, with templates that people can actually use because they understand them and with an ongoing efficient guidance where required, the business can rely on its strategy, because the culture nurtures it.